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About Kappa Chi Alpha

- Keeping Christ First -

Kappa Chi Alpha (KXA) was chartered November 6, 1990 as a non-denominational social/service sorority for Christian women at Baylor University. The Greek letters KXA were chosen by the charter members for their meaning, “Keeping Christ First.”

Kappa Chi Alpha was created to allow Christian women to grow and fellowship with other women of like mind, heart, and spirit and to provide a venue in which we can minister to others. We pray, study, fellowship, worship, and play together. As members of KXA, we have the opportunity to be deeply involved in the lives of our sisters, and we are able to make incredible memories with girls that we will know for the rest of our lives. From these relationships, we believe that God is able to further mold us into the image of Christ Jesus and into the women that God wants us to be.

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